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George Richert/WIVB-TV

More People Spotted in Dangerous Spot of Terrapin Point

Niagara Falls, NY (WBEN) Once again, New York State Parks Police had to deal with two people going onto the closed section of Terrapin Point. Wednesday, two people were arrested.

"There were two gentlemen who climbed over the fence and went down all the way to the very edge the overlooks the Niagara Gorge. That area is undercut, which means if the ice had broken the men would have fallen into the gorge," says Lt. Patrick Moriarty. The two men were taken into custody. The two men caught today were not.

Moriarty says the closed off section is steep enough in summer. "This time of year because of the mist freezing on it, the ice builds up like a glacier. it's very steep and the railings are covered, so if you fell at the top and started sliding, there's a possibilty of you going over the edge before you have a chance to stop," explains Moriarty. He adds there are yellow tape, fences and signs to deter people from going further.

Moriarty says there would be no way to get down to a victim this time of year other than to use ropes to go down some 100 feet. 


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