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Weppner Announces For Congress, Will Challenge Higgins

Above: Weppner, flanked by her husband Dennis and Erie County Republican Party Chair Nick Langworthy announces her candidacy for Congress. To her left, next to Langworthy are Amherst Town Board member Guy Marlette and Amherst Town GOP chairman Carl Balmas

Republican Kathy Weppner, an outspoken military mom who built a conservative  following as a weekend  talk host on WBEN announced her candidacy for Congress Friday.

Weppner, who has  also been a TV Assignment Editor and consumer researcher for Channel 7 Eyewitness News, stood on the steps of Amherst Town Hall Friday with family and supporters to announce she will challenge Democratic incumbent Cong. Brian Higgins in the 26th Congressional District. A mother of five, she was surrounded by approx. 25  supporters.

Accompanied by her husband, three of her sons, County chairman Nick Langworthy and Buffalo School Board member Carl Paladino, a regular Higgins critic ( at right)  she talked of jobs and the need for a culture change in Washington.

"We are watching runaway government spending our country into economic ruin.. the people who are struggling now, want jobs, they want the dignity of employment, and the ladder of opportunity to create success.  Instead of ladders our administration builds walls between citizens and rushes in with over-reaching power into our lives," she said

Higgins - in office since 2005-- has substantial name recognition and a far larger campaign fund, bolstered recently by a bi partisan fundraiser that included all of the region's former congressmen.  He holds a district that also features a strong Democratic tilt in registrations.

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Saying during her opening that she is "putting herself up for slaughter," Weppner later told reporters  she expects to be slaughtered by the media, challenging them to report more on her than a prominent incumbent

" Recent history has proven we can no longer go to the polls and elect professional politicians to do the work for us. We can not stand by and allow political parties to quench their thirst for political power on our backs any longer," she said

Higgins will also face a primary challenge for the Democratic line from Emin "Eddie" Egriu, an Albanian activist and former state senate candidate who tells WBEN he will announce his candidacy on Monday.  HEAR EGRIU on WBEN's Hardline program

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