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"Law Enforcement Tries to Wrap Arms Around Growing Pot Use"
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03/07/2014 2:49PM
Law Enforcement Tries to Wrap Arms Around Growing Pot Use
Do you support the legalization of marijuana?
03/10/2014 5:37AM
It's like everything else.
Round earth, civil rights, child labor, the Salem witch trial, gay marriage, etc. Society will eventually get it right in spite of the tantrums and obstructionism of the reactionary (and always reliably obnoxious and stupid) right wing. It'll be legal everywhere within a a generation and people will wonder what the fuss was about.
03/10/2014 9:45AM
Legal Marijuana is a threat!
To big Pharm and those who get WELFARE checks to lock you up for it! It's the MOST common drug found in testing, but how many OD's are there?
03/10/2014 10:48AM
The issue at hand is medicinal marijuana, not legalized marijuana. Get it right.
My God, how many children must die, because of uneducated politicians, police and people who do not understand the Compassionate Care Act. This is for medicinal marijuana use ONLY!!!!!! The main reason is for mostly a THC free derivitive that children take in a liquid form to control seizures. This DOES NOT GET ANYONE HIGH! IT HAS NO STREET VALUE. NO ADDITION! NO ENTRY LEVEL DRUG USE.
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