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Mark Lewandowski, Jr. changes light bulbs to blue.

Coming Together for Ben Sauer

Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - We always hear that Buffalo is "the city of good neighbors" and once again there is evidence to back that claim up.  Efforts across the region have been aimed at raising awareness of a fundraiser for 4 year-old Ben Sauer of Clarence who was recently diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor.

The historic Central Terminal on Buffalo's east side has changed its lights to blue for Ben as the towers four clock faces and upper parapets are lit in blue.  The Central joins Buffalo’s Electric Tower and the Peace Bridge which will also be bathed in blue to draw attention to the benefit.  The blue symbolism is based on Ben being a twin. To tell them apart their parents dressed Ben in blue.  His twin brother is Jack.

The fundraiser is at 4pm Sunday at the Chapel at Crosspoint. 
Read more about it here.

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