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Buffalo Business Report - Monday, March 10th 2014

The AAA pegs the current Buffalo area average for a gallon of unleaded gas at $3.75.  

Developer Rocco Termini has designs on putting together a  set of six linked shipping containers to form a new downtown restaurant.  The structure would be built at 128 Genesee Street - just across from the Genesee Gateway building.
Termini is hoping for quick approval; he plans to have the restaurant pieced together by late spring or early summer.  That would have it open in time for the late summer opening of the new Catholic Health corporate headquarters and training center.

The Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency has begun soliciting bids for the Market Arcade Film & Arts Centre and the Bijou Grille.  Business First reports the request for proposal comes one month after the city agency sold a neighboring portion of the historic Market Arcade complex to developer Nick Sinatra for $1.4 million.  Letters of interest are due back on May 9 and formal bids are due to the agency by June 20.

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