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Egriu Announces Plan to Challange Higgins for Congress

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Monday in Buffalo, businessman Emin "Eddie" Egriu announced his plan to challenge Congressman Brian Higgins in the Democratic primary election. 

"I'm here today because we've been told a lie by the Buffalo politicians," Egriu said. "Buffalo is booming. I'm here to tell you the truth. Buffalo is declining."

Egriu spent most of his announcement criticizing Higgins, calling him a "tool for the plutocrats and banksters."

"Why are young people dying in drug wars that you wage. Mr. Higgins. Why are we fighting wars abroad, when we face challenges like these home, Mr Higgins," Egriu said.

Should Egriu lose in the primary, he is also considering seeking an Independent line on the ballot in November.   

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