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SUNY Brockport Student Charged in Animal Torture

Brockport, NY (WBEN) A West Seneca man attending classes at SUNY Brockport faces charges after police say he posted a photo of a dog being held upside down and forced to drink beer.

Brockport Police Chief Daniel Varrenti says police were informed of the incident late Sunday afternoon. The incident itself happened during a party in Brockport Saturday. "Somebody had the idea to do what was shown to the dog, and take a photo of it, holding it upside down, forcing it to ingest beer," says Varrenti. The picture was then posted on Twitter.

Varrenti says 20 year old Robert Yates was identified as the student who took and posted the picture. He says the dog's owner was not present at the time nor is believed to have had anything to do with it. "The dog does not appear to be in any danger. The dog is in custody of the animal warden right now, but should be returned to the owner in the next day or so," explains Varrenti.

Varrenti says he wouldn't want to see anything like that done to his pets. "Somebody thought this would be funny, but there's nothing funny about this," notes Varrenti, who adds additional arrests are expected.

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