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Some Mark Blizzard with a Party

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) The historic second blizzard of the 2014 winter was not met with doom and gloom by everyone in Buffalo. Some marked it with a blizzard party.

For Mike Schatzel, blizzard parties are a family tradition. "Growing up my dad owned Cole's, and every time we had a big storm, people just kinda flocked there," says Schatzel, who continued the tradition at Blue Monk when the first blizzard hit in January. "When we had our last big storm, we had people coming down in cross country skis, all bundled up,and when I saw this thing (Tuesday) I called our manager and said let's do this."

Wednesday, people came in on foot, some by car. "It's a full bar and a wild day. People are enjoying the camaraderie. It's what we do in Buffalo, help each other out and then have some drinks," says Schatzel, who also threw a blizzard party at Cole's on Elmwood.

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