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Erie County Begins Paperless Property Transactions

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Erie County announced on Friday that local municipalities now have the option to receive real property transfer reports and deeds electronically, dramatically cutting down on excess stacks of paperwork.

"Typically in the past, the Clerk's office would scan deeds, run an abstract, and electronically send them to the realty property tax office," said Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs. "Approximately 250 deeds each week with multiple pages, about 1,000 deeds a month. And then they would be printed out, and then they would be sorted, and then they would be identified to determine which municipalities they should go to, and then mailed to those municipalities on a weekly basis."

Jacobs said the new way of handling deeds will be much simpler.

"All of that is now going to be done electronically, so it is a significant savings of time and manpower at the county level, and at the local level for those that decide to participate," Jacobs said.

Twelve municipalities are currently participating in the program, along with the City of Buffalo on a trial basis.

How will this impact the average home buyer?

"The new homeowners are going to see that the ownership change on the assessment files is going to come quicker," said Erie County Director of Real Property Tax Services John Maciejewski. "That's good because we send out county-wide about 1.1 million tax bills... that all come out of our office."

Using the new system, property transfers can now be completed in real time, with paperwork available to be seen online the same day.

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