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2PM Parade Today

(WBEN) (Buffalo, NY) Even though the official day is tommorrow, today is when St. Patrick's Day is celebrated here in Buffalo. It starts with Mass this morning at St.Joseph's Cathedral with Bishop Richard J. Malone and the the Parade which starts at 2PM and will wind it's way up Delaware from the McKinley Monument to North Street.

St. Patrick's Day is celebrated at different times throughout the world. Here is a story about yesterdays celebrations in Chicago:


CHICAGO (AP) -- The Chicago River is glowing a bright emerald green Saturday as the city kicks off its St. Patrick's Day celebrations.

Thousands of cheering onlookers clustered along downtown bridges as members of Chicago Journeymen Plumbers Union Local 130 began dumping containers of dye into the river from motorboats Saturday morning. The annual tradition began at 9:30 a.m. and immediately precedes the St. Patrick's Day parade.

The union has done the dyeing since 1962. Organizers had feared that large chunks of ice would impede the process, but recent warm temperatures kept the river clear. The hue typically lasts about six to 12 hours.

The parade began at noon. The route winds through downtown and ends at the landmark Buckingham Fountain.

A second parade on the city's South Side takes place Sunday.


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