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Egriu Says Legalizing Pot a "Top Three" Priority

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Today, Emin "Eddie" Egriu, the man who is challenging Brian Higgins in the Democratic Congressional primary, was on the attack.

"Brian Higgins refuses to speak up on a lot of issues," Egriu said at a press conference outside of the Erie County Holding Center. "The only thing Brian Higgins wants to talk about is two square miles. He doesn't want to talk about the youth on the east side, or Black Rock, or Niagara Falls."

Among the issues Egriu says that Higgins doesn't address is marijuana. Egriu said that hemp has many beneficial industrial uses, and should be legalized in all forms across the country.

"We have some young children that are demanding the medical marijuana, and our Governor is playing with it, talking about giving it to the hospitals. We're wasting time and money and energy. Why don't we just let it go, pass these laws, and let's continue the process."

Where does the issue of leagalizing marijuana rank to Egriu?

"Is it going to be my first (bill introduced)? I think it's going to be on my top three."

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