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Schumer Wants Ice Control for Buffalo Creek

West Seneca, NY (WBEN) - It's not uncommon for some areas of Western New York to feel uneasy whenever the temperatures drastically change.

One of those areas is West Seneca, especially by the Buffalo Creek. That's where Senator Charles Schumer was on Wednesday to talk about the need to control ice buildup and prevent flooding.

"When mother nature repeatedly strikes at the same neighborhood and the residence it's clear that something must be done," Schumer said. "So I'm urging the Army Corps to work with West Seneca and come up with a plan to control the ice once and for all."

Schumer wants the Army Corps of Engineers to develop a plan to install ice control devices in Buffalo Creek and prioritize funding for projects that could mitigate the impacts of future ice jams. "I'm not saying which solution is right. We don't know. It's different for each creek, but we want the Army Corps to come and study it, and then implement the findings of their study."

Schumer says he hopes to see the Army Corps of Engineers to commit to doing a long term study on Buffalo Creek within the next month.

The Senator made a request to the US Marine Corps, that they permanently store one of their amphibious vehicles in Western New York to help break up the ice in shallow bodies of water.

"I'm asking the marines to move quickly on this request. We're in an emergency situation right now and the vehicle could be used right away to break up any remaining ice jams that cause flooding."

West Seneca town officials estimate the damage done to homes along Buffalo Creek could exceed $700,000. Emergency sandbags and pumps are in place to help prevent additional flooding.

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