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Looking Back on Snowy Winter as We Spring Ahead

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Today is the first day of spring, and we're looking back at a winter to remember.

This winter will be best remembered for having two blizzards, but National Weather Service meteorologist Jon Hitchcock says they impacted different areas. "The first one was the lake effect blizzard off Lake Erie that affected metro Buffalo, Erie, Wyoming and Genesee Counties. The second one the worst conditions were in Niagara and Orleans Counties with winds off of Lake Ontario," explains Hitchcock.

It's been quite a snowy winter. "We're up to 120 inches for the year and we're not done yet," says Hitchcock as we could see more snow in the next couple of weeks. The average amount of snow is about 95 inches.

Spend a lot of time shivering? You're not alone, it was one of the coldest winters on record too. "If you just count the meteorological window of December to February we're about 20th. But if you widen that window out to November through March, if it's as cold as we think it is, this winter could reach top five in cold," predicts Hitchcock.

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