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School Administrators Could Return As Interns After Certification Failures

(WBEN) After discussions Wednesday evening, Buffalo school board members Carl Paladino and Jason McCarthy say they've heard about a plan to bring back two high-ranking school administrators who were just placed on leave status because neither was certified to hold their position.

Paladino and McCarthy said the plan called for Yamilette Williams and Faith Morrison-Alexander to be brought back to work as interns. Both earned in excess of $100,000. Williams was the school district's director of Curriculum, Asessment and Intruction, brought in under a re-organization advanced by Superintendent Pamela Brown.  Morrison- Alexander is one of 4 school leadership chiefs brought in to help implememnt turnaround plans.

Williams and Morrison Alexander were placed on administrative leave last week, after State Education officials confirmed Paladino research showing they did not have the requried certification to hold thier jobs.  Paladino- a frequent critic of Supt. Pamela Brown- contends that they have forfeited their jobs and wants to have the Board of Education formally act to fire them.

The issue of Williams and Morrison-Alexander never came up publicly but was apparently discussed during an executive session that went late into the night.

from WGRZ, Channel 2 News:

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