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"PHOTOS & VIDEO: Jim Kelly Fights Cancer; Jill Talks of Prayer"
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03/28/2014 6:55AM
PHOTOS & VIDEO: Jim Kelly Fights Cancer; Jill Talks of Prayer
Is it right for prayer to be so public? Do you believe?
03/28/2014 8:33AM
Jim Kelly
So glad to have the opportunity to say that I am praying for Jim for a quick recovery. I know my prayers and those of others will help him. They are the best medicine. Hang in there Jim!
03/28/2014 8:51AM
It's good to see they still have a sense of humor.
03/28/2014 8:55AM
prayer is the best medicine. you know everyone is praying for you. also strength in numbers. all my prayers and thoughts to you and your family. love the fasanellos peace and love ♥♥♥
03/28/2014 8:56AM
The Power of Prayer
Every prayer offered gets heard. No man is an island. We are all in this together and that is what we are all on this earth for is to pray and care for each other. Many thanks to you Jill for keeping us updated. Praying just as much for you and family also.
03/28/2014 9:40AM
Public Prayer
Of course! It's still a free country!
03/28/2014 10:14AM
lockport girl
why not! again, why not believe!
03/28/2014 11:17AM
Only the best thoughts for a winner.
Thoughts and prayers for your speedy recovery. May the peace of the lord be with you and your family. Jim and Joan from South Florida.
03/28/2014 12:27PM
Absolutely!!!!! I'm a walking miracle because of Prayer
I was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer last year, at the time Jim was diagnosed and had surgery. Prayers WORK! I felt the prayers of my church family, and am cancer free! Only chemo protocol was used. As a walking miracle from the disease,I can positively say, without any doubt, Prayer Works! We all need prayers of others be it someone famous or not famous. There is NOTHING wrong with giving us updates, to inspire us in our prayer life for those who need it!
03/28/2014 12:56PM
Prayer in public??
Our society is reaping the negative consequences of trying to diminish prayer! Everything that is demeaning, destructive, & demoralizing is allowed to be seen & experienced & has been rapidly ripping apart our children & adults. Prayer has been PROVEN to bring strength, comfort, encouragement, help, hope & peace! There is power in prayer!!! Prayers for Jim & Jill from Allen
03/28/2014 6:30PM
Hang in there Jim K.
My thoughts and prayers go out to the Kelly family. I am so glad I lived in the Bill's Super Bowl era. I believe in the Power of Prayer.
03/29/2014 6:52PM
Prayers do help!
Believing in prayers will help you to a speedy recover, God be with you! Joe and Donna
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