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Parent Calls For Investigation After Being Accused of Self-Forgery

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Last Year, Timeka Jones accused Buffalo School District officials of forging her signature on school planning documents.

Last Week, the District accused Jones of forging her own signature using "disguised writing."

Today, Jones responded. "I think it's ridiculous. What person would forge their signature if they're signing the document?"

Jones and Sam Radford of the District Parent Coordinating Council are calling on the US Attorney to investigate the district for the forgery, and also obstruction of Justice.

"Nobody had ever sat down with me and talked to me. I haven't seen the report of the handwriting expert who took my signature. I think it's very ridiculous and they're just trying to cover up and protect the person who (forged the signature)."

Radford says that the district's theory of "disguised writing" is laughable.

"When we talked to our consultant," Radford said. "Our consultant did some research for us and talked to some lawyers, and they made it clear that there's no such thing as disused writing as a legal term. Disguised writing is a theory."

The documents in question were used to prove parental involvement in the Harvey Austin School's education plan.

Jones says she was hospitalized the day she supposedly signed the document.

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