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Tim Hortons Moves in to Harbor Center

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - In a joint press conference on Tuesday, Harbor Center President  John Koelmel and Tim Horton's CEO Marc Caira announced that a one-of-a-kind Tim Horton's will open at the Harbor Center this fall.

The restaurant will feature a unique Tim Horton's/Sabres logo, along with special decor that incorporates design features and actual bricks from the Memorial Auditorium, and a tribute to Tim Horton himself.

Caira said the new restaurant will be a destination location. "Tim Horton's happens to be a destination place anyway. I think this will be unique because of the legacy of Tim Horton. The venue will tie in to the environment."

In addition to the store, Tim Horton's will be the official coffee of both hockey rinks inside Harbor Center, will be available at concession areas, and will be the only brand served at Harbor Center's 716 restaurant.

"We believe the US, for Tim Horton's, is a must-win battle," Caira said. "We are committed to the US market, and Buffalo is the foundation to this commitment because this is where it all started."
A WBEN Photo Album: Renderings of the HarborCenter Tim Horton's

The Tim Horton's chain was founded in 1964 by Sabres defenseman Tim Horton (pictured/Buffalo Sabres photo ) in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and their 1985 first U.S. location still operates at  1705 Niagara Falls Blvd. in Amherst.

Horton played for the team from 1972 until his death in 1974 in a car crash on the QEW in St. Catherines, as he drove home from a Maple Leafs game in Toronto.    

The Sabres honored Horton in 1996 when he had his #2 jersey retired to the rafters of what is now First Niagara Center.

Vintage Video Clip from Buffalo Sabres.com
Team Pauses to Remember Horton- Feb 21, 1974


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