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"School Board Votes to Terminate Administrators"
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04/02/2014 8:44PM
Buffalo School Board Votes to Terminate Two Administrators
Did the board do the right thing?
04/02/2014 9:07PM
My common sense reply
04/02/2014 10:21PM
Who hired them?
Great job, Carl. Now find out who is responsible for hiring them in the first place, and get rid of them next. Keep up the good work.
04/02/2014 11:25PM
Excellent , Now on to School Board Replacements
All Citizens must VOTE for new members May 6. The Sisterhood of Racism must be dissolved. Friends and family NO More. Children & Taxpayers move to the front.... Special interest take a seat...... It's Time Phil
04/03/2014 7:48AM
What happened to the ramifications of lying on your resume in the first place. They never should have been hired for those kinds of positions without a thorough background check.
04/03/2014 12:41PM
reply to excellent
this doesn't have anything to do with Phil or the union. the admins that were fired were hired by the super. she is the one who needs to go.
04/03/2014 1:54PM
Yes, they did, and it is about time! In 99% of the cases, "interns" are unpaid. Also, any Civil Servant must submit necessary certifications before they are hired, or can even take an exam. Why are there special rules for Board of Ed administrators? What's next, they file for unemployment?
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