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"Who Will Buy The Bills? Who Should?"
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04/07/2014 6:46AM
Who do you think will buy the Bills? Who should?
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04/07/2014 7:31AM
please mr pegula
bob rich is a phony who charges major league prices for minor league baseball. the Jacobs family wants tax breaks even though theyre billionaires and sells crappy food for exorbitant Pegula has genuinely tried to build up the sabres but until he fired regier didn't have the proper people in charge
04/07/2014 7:35AM
bills gone
Who cares who buys them as long as they are gone from the area, I tired having taxes being used to support a team of any sort, For millonares
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When it comes to lake effect snow.....
  Love it!
  As long as it stays in the southern tier where it belongs!
  Hate it!
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