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Could The Worst Potholes Be Yet To Come?

Orchard Park, NY (WBEN) - It will be a long season of road repair after a rough winter in Western New York. Just how long will it be? That's a question that can't be answered quite yet.

"We can not make a determination on all of the roads that need to be done until that thaw happens," said Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz during a news conference on Monday.

"As much as it's green out here today, if you go a couple of inches below the topsoil, it's still rock solid," Poloncarz said. "Until that thaw occurs, our department of public works can not truly prioritize which are the worst roads, because it's quite possible that if we did the 'top ten' list today, and we know a top ten list of what are the worst roads, to say we're going to fix those roads, in the next month they may not be in the top ten anymore because the thaw resulted in other roads having a greater priority."

In other words, pothole season is actually just beginning.

Poloncarz says that the county has 1,200 center line-miles of roads. "We're not going to be able to fix everything. Right now we're identifying the worst roads out there."

Even with the amount of roads currently in disrepair, Poloncarz does not think time will be an issue in fixing all of the problems because the county has gotten a head start compared to years past.

What roads are on the list to get fixed?

Poloncarz has only said that Sowles Road in Hamburg and parts of Goodrich in Clarence are on the County's radar.

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People : Mark Poloncarz
04/07/2014 2:14PM
Could The Worst Potholes Be Yet To Come?
What roads need to be fixed first?
04/07/2014 5:45PM
Hopkins Road Amherst
I am tired of hearing Poloncarz complain about how many miles of roads Erie County is responsible for. We pay a lot of taxes out here so fix the roads. They have been wasting our money for several years patching Hopkins Road multiple times per year. Every time they patch it they do a terrible job. Do the job right for once and repave the entire road. It is way past time. I guess that makes too much sense.
04/08/2014 11:57AM
orhcard park
Forest dr. road and bridge in orchard park,ny
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