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More Jewelry from RSNP Diamond Exchange in Question

Amherst, NY (WBEN) Amherst Police say there could be more jewelry sold by RSNP Diamond Exchange that may not be as valuable as customers thought.

Paul Blarr pleaded not guilty to grand larceny and scheme to defraud charges last month. Police say he sold fake diamonds to customers and now this may have been happening for two decades.

Amherst Police have some advice for customers who did business with RSNP Diamond Exchange:

REPAIR ITEMS ONLY: Anyone who has items at RSNP Diamond Exchange for REPAIR ONLY, can now call the law office of Charles Marchese (716-845-6446) to arrange to pick up your property.

 Some customers have had items tested and were told that they had diamonds, but some the testing equipment was out dated or did not specially test for the man-made substance – Moissanite

 In addition, other man-made substances have been found instead of diamonds. Some customers have found they were sold ENHANCED DIAMONDS and that it was not disclosed at the time of the purchase. Diamond enhancements are specific treatments, performed on natural diamonds, which are designed to improve the visual characteristics of the diamond. Jewelers are required by U.S. Federal Trade Commission to disclose the use of Enhanced Diamonds to the purchaser at the time of sale.

 Customers have also have discovered that when having items tested that were purchased and/or repaired at RSNP Diamond Exchange or Amherst Diamond Exchange over the past twenty years, that other precious gemstones have been called into question. These gems may have been switched, or not the quality of what they had purchased.

 In addition, some gold items were found to be gold plated instead of solid gold.

If you feel that you may be a victim, make sure that you have all items of jewelry tested, and to make sure when testing for diamonds, the test includes Moissanite.

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