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Flowers decorate a fence outside of Fort Hood's east gate on Sunday, April 6, 2014, in Killeen, Texas, in honor of those killed and wounded in the Fort Hood shooting on April 2. Three people were killed and 16 were wounded when a gunman opened fire before taking his own life at the Fort Hood military base. (AP Photo/ Tamir Kalifa)

Should Soldiers Be Armed on Bases?

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) One week after the Fort Hood shooting, there is debate over whether soldiers should be allowed to be armed on military bases. One decorated veteran says he's in favor.

One of the soldiers at Fort Hood recently wrote a letter calling for soldiers to allowed to be armed. David Bellavia agrees,  pondering "what's the difference between soldiers walking in the motor pool to work on vehicles and those who walk to the rifle range? In the combat zone, they literally go everywhere with their rifles. I think they're more than capable of carrying proper weapons posture."

Bellavia says there's evidence if someone has a devious thought of violence in his mind, he can do it.
But a trained soldier with a gun can stop a suspect in his tracks. He cites last week's shooting. "The reason why the shooter committed suicide wasn't because a female MP confronted him, it was because she confronted him with a gun," explains Bellavia.

A law requiring soldiers to be unarmed while on base was introduced in the 90s, but Bellavia believes it could be repealed to allow them to better defend themselves.


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