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Wheatfield Residents Fired Up Over Feces

Wheatfield, NY (WBEN) - Assemblyman John Ceretto is fired up about poop.

"My constituents are telling me, and one thing is very clear, they do not want the spread of human waste on to the lands in this area because of the health and safety issues," Ceretto told WBEN.

Why would any politician feel the need to say that?

Ceretto says that Quasar Energy Group is using human waste as fertilizer and spreading it on Farmlands near Wheatfield. Is that true?

"Those like Assemblyman Ceretto who are concerned that this material is somehow human waste are misguided," said Quasar spokesman Jon Cohen.

Cohen says that Equate, the fertilizer in dispute, is not merely human waste. "Equate is a natural, organic product that lowers the cost of farming for local farmers, and reduces the need to incinerate waste material."

However, Equate is made from solid leftovers that come from municipal treatment plants.

"By the time that material gets to us, it is not human waste," Cohen said. "It is treated in municipal waste water treatment centers, the kind that takes waste material, treats it, returns treated water to our drinking system, and produces a byproduct that is in solid form."

Still, Ceretto says he doesn't want what's been flushed down our drains to be transported, then possibly implanted in Western New York. "What do we know that goes down those toilets, I mean what is it? Is it AIDS? Is it metals? Is it Germs? Everything that is in that waste is what they're taking, and the want to bring it to Liberty Drive."

Cohen maintains that even though the fertilizer is safe, it is not spread like a typical fertilizer and instead precisely injected in to the soil with needles. Ceretto wants a full environmental and health review to take place before the practice is allowed to continue.

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