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What's New in Theaters? It Could Have Been Buffalo

(WBEN) - It's a movie that was supposed to feature the Buffalo Bills.

Today, Draft Day will open in theaters. It stars Kevin Costner as the General Manager of the Cleveland Browns. That team was supposed to be the Buffalo Bills, but the setting of the movie changed when Ohio offered better financial incentives for the film's production than New York.

But are the Bills really missing out for not being the focus of the movie?

"The reaction (to the movie) seems to be that it doesn't have much to say and it takes its sweet time saying it," said WBEN's "Cinema" Bob Stilson. "I don't think it's a movie that makes any team look bad, the Browns are not going to be hurt by their association with it, and i think it would've been nice if it had been in Buffalo."

Buffalo isn't totally absent in the film though, Bills President Russ Brandon makes an appearance in the film playing the character of..... Bills President.



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