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Falls Mother Accused of Forcing Daughter to Fight

Niagara Falls, NY (WBEN) - A Niagara Falls mother is accused of forcing her daughter to fight another teenager.

"I can't speak about their home environment but what I will say is any adult who would encourage two young girls to fistfight is not the best supervision which led to the arrest of the individual," says Superintendent Bryan DalPorto on the arrest of 34 year old Eula McCray. "I would hope adults would be responsible enough to come to police or to the school to deal with this and not resort to violence."

McCray is charged with endangering the welfare of a child and menacing. Police say McCray forced her daughter to fight another girl. That fight was captured on video and shown on social media. The whole incident lasts several minutes and is disturbing to watch.  Neither girl was seriously injured.

Detective Lt. Michael Trane says things being posted on social media like this fight are not surprising to him, but they help in investigations. "They may be hurtful to children who have to fight for the amusement of other people," says Trane.

DalPorto says the video doesn't show any adults but there is a voice threatening to call police if the fight doesn't end.

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