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3rd Party

Hawkins Will Run For Green Party

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Howie Hawkins will be representing the Green Party in the upcoming gubernatorial election which includes incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) and Rick Astorino (R). The other candidates on the ballot include declared Liberals: Richard Cooper, Chris Edes, and Nathan Lebron. Hawkins garnered 57,000 votes in his 2010 run for the top office in New York State.

Hawkins appeared on WBEN's Hardline Sunday and spoke about his platform as the Green Party Candidate, which mirrors FDR's Economic Bill of Rights that he called for back in 1944. Hawkins said it's a "Green New Deal for New York" which includes, "...full employment with the government as employer of last resort, a living wage for a minimum wage of fifteen dollars an hour." Hawkins platform also includes single-payer health care, more dollars to fund the public school system and a pledge for, " percent clean energy by the year 2030."

Hawkins acknowledged that he will most likely lose the race but his main goal is to achieve fifty thousand votes which would get the Green Party Ballot line back for upcoming local elections.

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