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Will the Sabres land the First Overall Pick? We'll Find Out Tonight

(WBEN) - It was a tough season for Sabres fans, but on Tuesday they may finally see the fruits of their labor.

The NHL Draft Lottery to determine who will receive the first overall pick in this coming year's draft will be held in Toronto Tuesday night.

Because they finished with the worst record, The Sabres will have a 25% chance of winning the lottery and ending up with the first overall pick. Those are the best odds among he 14 teams in the running.

If another team wins, the Sabres will pick second.

Buffalo has only had two first overall picks in their history, used to select Pierre Turgeon in 1987 and Gilbert Perreault, the team's first ever draft pick, in 1970.

There is a wrinkle in the lottery though. The New York Islanders currently hold the 5th draft pick, and have an 8.1% chance of winning the lottery. That pick could belong to Buffalo. The Islanders have the option of sending their first round pick this year or next year to the Sabres as part of the Thomas Vanek trade.

Will the Sabres win the Lottery? Check out this lottery simulator and see what happens!

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