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Three Car Crash in Amherst

Amherst, NY (WBEN) Three people were hospitalized after a three car collision in Amherst Tuesday morning.

Amherst Police say a car driven by 82 year old Leland Moody of Tonawanda passed a red light at the intersection of Dodge and French around 9 AM. The car collided with with an SUV driven by 33 year old Michael Atti, and then struck another vehicle stopped at the intersection.

Atti and the driver of the stopped vehicle, Joseph Nervo suffered minor injuries but not taken to the hospital. Moody was taken to Millard Suburban Hospital with minor injuries, and his passengers, 82 year old Donald Abbott and 84 year old Norman Mertz were also hospitalized. Mertz suffered head and internal injuries and was taken to ECMC, while Abbott was taken to Millard for observation.

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