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Trump Asking for Local Advice on Possible Bills Bid

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Though not running for governor, Donald Trump is in touch with Western New York leaders about a different kind of bid, a bid to buy the Buffalo Bills.

Erie County Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy says Trump is interested in buying the Bills and keeping them here. "That's certainly something I'm dedicated to in any way I can be helpful. So, we've been in discussions for the last few weeks, and he's doing his due diligence to make a bid when the time comes," says Langworthy. "He's just asked for advisement I can give him. We've known each other from his exploring a bid to run for governor."

Langworthy says this is separate from Trump's flirtation with the governor's office. "I don't view this as a political activity, this is about keeping the Bills in Buffalo," notes Langworthy. There are no grudges about Trump's decision not to run either, according to Langworthy. "I took him at face value when he said he was thinking about running, and took him at face value when he said he wouldn't run. If the governor's race has him interested in Western New York and keeping this team here, that's a good thing."

Langworthy believes this will be a quick process, six months or less, but Trump must wait for how the Bills will do the bidding process.


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