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15 Candidates File Petitions for Buffalo School Board

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) The Buffalo School Board elections are three weeks away, and 15 candidates have turned in petitions to run. The Erie County Board of Elections says at least four have objections.

"A number of them have had objections filed against them, so we won't know until next week at the earliest which ones qualify and which ones do not," says Democratic elections commissioner Dennis Ward. "I believe at least four have objections, and we're early in the process."

Ward says the usual causes for objection are in play here, signees not living in the city of Buffalo, not a registered voter or signed more than three petitions (in that case, only the first three count). Ward admits there isn't much time. "We're bumping up against the calendar. The state law that creates this election has a very short calendar, so we may not get some of those objections until next Monday. That puts a difficult burden on the board because we have to clean it up within a week if we can," notes Ward.

The election is May 6th.

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