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"Poll: Clinton Ahead of Republicans"
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04/17/2014 5:52AM
Poll: Clinton Ahead of Republicans
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04/17/2014 6:01AM
Republican Candidate
Our BEST chance against the person responsible for the death of our American's. We need to put someone who honest and God fearing into office
04/17/2014 7:16AM
Huckabee! Huckabee!
Run Mike Run
04/17/2014 7:44AM
Democrats win in 2016
Republicans will lose even if God runs on that ticket. Democrats offer "free" stuff and that's all that people care about.
04/17/2014 7:49AM
Clown car
Republicans are buffoons. This is the best you people have to offer?
04/17/2014 7:52AM
The ideal WBEN candidacy
George Zimmerman / Clavin Bundy 2016!
04/17/2014 8:44AM
Run Ben Run
We need a non politician, someone like Dr.Ben Carson, to lead our country. He is a man of integrity, is most insightful of the serious problems we are facing and has great common sense ideas as to how to save our country and move it forward.
04/17/2014 9:22AM
So much erudite gravitas
GOP candidates are all well known for their wisdom and sophistication. The only question is which one can destroy the USA the quickest. George W Bush started the job, it's up to one of these geniuses to finish it.
04/17/2014 9:30AM
Stand with Rand
If your plan is to vote for a Bush or a Clinton in 2016, take a look in the mirror, you are what's wrong with this country.
04/18/2014 10:14AM
Madam President
I am so ready for Hillary's victory in 2016! If this lot are the best Republicans can offer it's pretty sad. It's really too bad they have been hijacked by the Tea-Party, because in the past, when they ran reasonable candidates, I would occassionally cross party lines. Anyway, I'm ready for Hillary. She will be a great President!
04/18/2014 10:55AM
Remember Benghazi
Outside of b HUSSEIN o. hillary is the most despicable, lying, dishonest, radical socialist to crawl around on the face about in the USA. Vote for her and watch your freedoms disappear and your savings and productivity go down the drain to the vermin whobelieve this country owes them a living.
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