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Broadway Market Still One of WNY's Favorite Easter Traditions

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - For many, visiting the Broadway market on Easter week is a tradition that has lasted for generations.

"I've been coming since I was able to walk, and that's like 70 years ago," one patron told WBEN.

Adam Cichocki, Retail Manager for Malczewski's Butter Lambs says that so far, this year seems to be a success. "I've been through about six Easters here, and this is definitely the busiest it's been this early on. Usually we don't see a crowd like this until maybe Saturday before Easter. We definitely are seing a larger amount of people coming here this week."

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz agrees, saying that there are more stands in the Market this year than in years past. "The traditions of the Easter Season have been passed on from generation to generation," Poloncarz said. "You hear about families that don't even live here anymore coming back to this market during Easter time just so that they can partake in the tradition that was the Broadway Market, and still is the Broadway Market."

Still, concern remains that the Market is not popular enough outside of the Easter season to thrive.

"I would like to see it more than just Easter and Christmas time," Cichocki said, while noting that the crowds near Easter are his favorite. "It's great to wake up and come to work knowing that you're going to have such a great turnout of customers and happy faces coming through the door to purchase products that my family has been making for generations."

"When they thought about closing it I felt terrible," said one patron. "It's an experience, it's a moment. When you're here, especially at this time of year, it's an experience. You live it, you become part of it, and that's why I come down."

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