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Land Dispute Leads to Crowd, Deputies and Troopers

Basom, NY (WBEN) State Police helped Genesee County Sheriff's deputies provide security when a crowd gathered Thursday. That crowd was unhappy with a court administrator helping secure a smoke shop and gas station.

"We had an order out of Genesee County Surrogate Court to assist the administrator of an estate, David Peters, his daughter was named the administrator and the order was to assist in securing the business property," says Sheriff Gary Maha, as deputies were sent to Arrow Hawk Smoke Shop in Basom. "There's another faction who doesn't recognize courts off the reservation unless they're a sovereign nation. There's a small fire set, but that was under control quickly." That prompted a call for assistance from State Police.

Maha says there's been a disagreement within Peters' family as to who should own what. Violence did not escalate, and no arrests were made.

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