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"Western New York Leads Nation... in Happiness?"
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04/18/2014 7:29AM
Western New York Leads Nation... in Happiness?
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04/18/2014 9:16AM
Try harder WBEN
People are ignoring and dismissing all the misery you promote with your relentless right wing lies and propaganda. Perhaps your devoted listeners should move to a Confederate state such as Mississippi or Alabama ... they'd still be miserable of course but would be among their kind.
04/18/2014 2:04PM
62 years old, except for a 4 year military stint, spent my whole life here. I CAN'T PHANTOM WHY ! It isn't that I hate it but I do dislike NY State and our politicians soooo much. NY City gets to run the whole place and that is what is stuck in my craw... Wyoming is where I'd rather be...close to those beautiful Tetons !!!
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