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Buffalo Marathon Organizers Map Out Precautions

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) The 2013 Buffalo Marathon ran a month after the Boston Marathon bombings. Organizers took a number of precautions last year, and they'll be used this year.

One such precaution is how the runners may enter the course. "All runners trying to get into the gates at the starting line can only do so through one entrance point and we make sure everything is clean before we get into it, so everything is as safe as can be," says race director Tom Donnelly.

Donnelly says runners cannot bring their own bags into the Buffalo Convention Center. "You have to get a pre-assigned clear plastic bag to put your garments in and then check it off at the entry point. You can't bring any kind of bag or anything you're not running with into the starting area," explains Donnelly.

He says the race will be patrolled throughout. "A lot of spot checkers and spot dogs are used initially before and during the race, plus we have a command center that everything goes in and out of so we make sure every part of the course is monitored," notes Donnelly.

Spectators are not allowed into the finish corral until runners have exited the corral area.

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