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Crash Takes One Life

BUFFALO, NY (WBEN) - Buffalo police accident investigators continue to look into a fatal incident that occurred at 1:30am Saturday morning at Humboldt Parkway and the Kensington Expressway. BPD Accident Investigator Martin Forero says it appears two vehicles were racing down Main Street at a high rate of speed.

At some point, investigators say one of the vehicles went the wrong way down Woodlawn Avenue, then crashed into a guard rail on the upper section of Humboldt Parkway before it careened onto the 33, hitting a jersey barrier bursting into flames.

Emergency Crews attempted to extricate the male driver but authorities say he died at the scene. Buffalo police accident investigators say the other vehicle also crashed. That driver is being questioned by police. A section of the 33 from Best Street to the 198 remains closed in both directions.

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