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Five Former Jills Sue Buffalo Bills, Manager

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Five former members of the Buffalo Jills Cheerleading Squad are suing the Bills and their current and former managers, claiming violations of the state's minimum wage laws.

The five former Jills claim the team, Stejon Productions, the current manager, and Citadel Communications, the former manager, failed to pay the minimum wage for extensive game day work as well as community event appearances. The hundreds of hours of work did not meet the minimum wage standard of $8 per hour in New York State.

Read the lawsuit HERE.

The lawsuit also contends the Jills were forced to endure degrading treatment as part of their mandatory participation in events like the Jills Swimsuit Calendar release party and the Jills Golf Tournament.

Former Jill Maria P. says the cheerleaders were also subject to a strict set of rules enforced by the Bills, Stejon and Citadel. "The team told us how to walk, talk, dress, speak and behave, both at work and on our own time," she explains.

Fellow plaintiff Alyssa U. contends, "So many of us dreamed of being Buffalo Jills since we were little girls. When I made the team, I thought I was starting the best chapter of my life. I soon realized it wasn't a dream come true after all, it was a nightmare."

Cheerleaders from Oakland and Cincinnati have also filed similiar suits against their respective clubs.

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