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Ryan: DOT Will Look at New Options for Scajacquada Redesign

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Assemblyman Sean Ryan says the DOT will look at options to slow things down along the Scajaquada corridor in Buffalo, specifically by looking into a 30mph speed limit, and converting the expressway into a city street.

“I am pleased that the DOT is actively listening to the public, and is willing to study the impact of reducing the speed of the Scajaquada to 30 miles per hour, and converting the expressway into a city street," says Ryan. "The public clearly stated at our recent meeting that they wanted to see data that explored further downgrade options. The DOT is making public outreach and comment a priority, and I thank them for taking these important steps in the process to fix the historic mistake of the Scajaquada expressway. I would also like to thank the public for attending the recent meeting, and giving the DOT critically important information that will help to improve this project.”

The DOT recently discussed their latest plans with the public at a meeting at Buffalo State College. The DOT’s latest plans call for a 40mph speed limit, with two lanes going in each direction. Ryan says many attendees of the meeting said that they would like to see the impact of a speed limit set at 30mph, with one lane going in each direction. Others urged the DOT to incorporate bike lanes throughout the 3.3 mile length of the Scajaquada. Data from the new modeling will be shared with the public at a public meeting in May. The details of this meeting will be announced as soon as details are finalized.

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