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Two School Board Petitions Thrown Out

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Two Buffalo School Board candidates are off the ballot after their petitions did not have enough acceptable signatures. That leaves a crowd of 13 for the election in two weeks.

"(Daniel) Reynolds had a little over the minimum and Bryon McIntyre had a fair number of signatures but a large majority were from those who are not registered voters," says Republican County Elections Commissioner Ralph Mohr. Mohr says with the cold winter, some petitioning was done outside places like grocery stores, and signatures must come from registered voters living in the city of Buffalo.

Reynolds had said he would keep Superintendent Pamela Brown on board in the beginning. "I would recommend a hold on a contract. Not meeting Pamela Brown, I can't really terminate someone I haven't asked a few questions of, because individuals are part of the environment," Reynolds told Dave Debo on WBEN's Hardline Sunday. McIntyre had a wait and see approach but found Brown to be "qualified but not the right fit for us."

The remaining candidates are split on whether to keep Brown or dismiss her as superintendent.

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