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"Buffalo Jills Lawsuit: Simpler Than it Seems?"
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04/24/2014 7:05AM
Buffalo Jills Lawsuit: Simpler Than it Seems?
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04/24/2014 8:02AM
Former Jills lawsuit
There have been more than 600 former Buffalo Jills since their inception in 1967. Five malcontents should not define the experience. The former Jills have an Alumni Association which works with local charities and support one another and enjoy the sisterhood that the Jills encourage. A Jills time as Buffalo Jills cheerleader did not define her in any way- it was simply an avocation/ hobby, sport, whatever, to be enjoyed , supporting the team and enjoying working with the fans and the Buffalo community. This lawsuit is so petty and self-serving, it would be laughable if it did not influence Buffalo's attitude towards their Jills.
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