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Erie County Roadwork Gets Underway

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Erie County crews will be hard at work dealing with a number of road and bridge construction projects. Potholes will be another key component.

Public Works Commissioner John Loffredo says some of the potholes will be repaired when roads go through an overlay. "We remove part of the surface and put new material in it, but for others we'll have to use a hot patch," says Loffredo.

Loffredo says they'll also deal with lengthy road projects like Brighton and Goodrich. "Our designs are not finished yet on Goodrich. It's one that's unique because it has a ditch we have to somehow handle," explains Loffredo. "It's a drainage ditch adjacent to the road. It will be very expensive to move it so we're not too sure if that's the only solution. In other words, do we have to move it somewhere else?"

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