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"Inside the Buffalo Jills Handbook"
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04/25/2014 11:32AM
Inside the Buffalo Jills Handbook
What do you think of the guidelines?
04/25/2014 1:30PM
Jills or GOP?
The War On Women continues
04/25/2014 2:49PM
Nobody is forcing them to be a Jill, don't like the rules, don't apply.
04/26/2014 3:14AM
Always thought it was a privledge to be an NFL cheerleader not a "job"
All these young women know what is involved going into it. It was never supposed to be a job for income. It was done for the glamor
04/27/2014 7:30PM
They are taking it WAY too far! You can't change YOUR HAIR STYLE without their approval?? Seriously??? There's uniformity, and then there's The Stepford Wives!!
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