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Missing Plane Spotted by Man in Tonawanda?

Tonawanda. NY (WBEN) - Could a Tonawanda man have the answer to the missing Malaysia Airlines Jet?

Using the crowd-sourcing site tomnod.com, Mike Hoebel believes he has found an image of the plane intact in the ocean just days after it was reported missing.

Last month, Hoebel scanned thousands of images searching for the plane or debris before finding two that he believes to be the plane. He says that his images mirror a Boeing 777.

"What I did is I scaled it, and the image was 210 feet, plus or minus a couple feet," Hoebel said. "It scales in to that exact dimension of the length of the fuselage for the 777 Boeing."

Why does Hoebel think his image is different from the thousands of others that have been reported on the Internet? "They don't know what it is, they suspect it could be something and it's smaller debris. What I have, I have images that are of a total fuselage except for one wing is missing."

Hoebel says he has contacted the FBI and NTSB about the satellite image, but has not yeat heard a response.



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04/25/2014 2:35PM
Missing Plane Spotted by Man in Tonawanda?
Is this the missing jet?
04/25/2014 4:09PM
compare plane shape
Could be the plane. Who knows? Can you please post what the top of a 777 looks like so we can compare the two side by side?
04/25/2014 4:09PM
If you stare at the clouds you can see the same images, some more detailed than that blob!
04/25/2014 4:22PM
Missing 777 jet
My gut tells me... that it is.
04/25/2014 5:09PM
Looks like a shark to me...
04/25/2014 7:21PM
Malaysian jet
Hard to tell, outlines there....probably covered in silt from the deep sea currents.
04/25/2014 8:38PM
I sincerely hope that this is the plane to give closure to the surviving families of these emotional roller coaster of misguided reports from Malaysia. It's bothersome, at times to get to the right Federal Agencies for this report. They just might be inundated with scenarios. Mike Hoebel took the time to investigate and compare his findings with credible plausibility with Boeing dimensions. There are many military assets in this area of the ocean, some of the countries involved want to protect them for National Defense reasons, but those who have relinquished some of them have been very helpful and jointly co-operating the best they can for the search of flight #370. I'm glad WBEN 930 am listened to Mike Hoebel's story. I hope other reliable sources will look into it. tomnod.com was very beneficial in getting crowd sourcing in world wide citizen assistance with the search. Again, I hope this the final story on the search of this plane.
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