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"Six Officers Placed on Leave in Brutality Investigation"
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04/29/2014 7:08AM
Six Officers Placed on Leave in Brutality Investigation
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04/29/2014 8:03AM
Once the police are the only ones allowed to have assault weapons, you can thank a Democrat.
04/29/2014 8:27AM
that's the wat to treat a perk.
04/29/2014 10:13AM
buffalo is one of the most corrupted police department in the nation . lucky there is not a riot in buffalo
04/29/2014 10:39PM
not first
this isnt the first incident in our life time th po po killed that senetors son in north buffalo back some years ago and then the fat guy over there on virginia street plus they had caught some of them dealing marjane and crack out of there cars on the eastside they need to hire smart black and smart whites and give them good money and 2 to a car for safety and clean up their back house
04/30/2014 1:10PM
Here is what you DONT hear about the police!
My daughter is a buffalo police officer. She has helped a kid decide to live instead of committing suicide, stayed with a little kid whose mom "forgot" to pick her up from school for six hours!, comforted a mentally ill man while waiting for an ambulance and bought him a piece of pizza from her own money, and done many other kind deeds. Her colleagues have rescued someone from a burning building, took in an abused dog, worked with kids in programs after school, etc etc. I have gone on ride-alongs and have seen for myself the respect and consideration they give to EVERYONE, even the people they arrest. NOT all cops are evil-many of them really DO serve and protect! She would put her life on the line for people who curse the cops, write and say bad things about them, and make them out to be monsters! Of course all this sensationalism makes the job harder! Why dont you profile some cops who do the RIGHT thing..and replay these acts, instead of a two-second mention once or twice on the news??? I would be happy to give you another perspective if I only had the chance! Proud police Mom
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