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Toronto Star: Bills Lease Forbids Buyer Relocation

(WBEN) Toronto Sun Columnist John Kryk is reporting that the Ralph Wilson Stadium lease between the Buffalo Bills and Erie County doesn't only make it financially difficult for a buyer of the team to relocate, it actually forbids it.

Kryk's discovery goes far beyond the previous reported re-location agreement which would require a new owner to pay almost $400 million  in any year except 2021, should they want to break the lease.

"Clause 3(b) in the non-relocation agreement states, in part, that without approval of both the state-appointed public corporation that owns the Ralph and the county in which the stadium sits, the club shall not "sell, assign or otherwise transfer the team to any person who, to the Bills' knowledge, has an intention to relocate, transfer or otherwise move the team ..." Kryk writes

"The clause also prevents the team from so much as entertaining, soliciting or negotiating any offer or proposal to relocate the team." he says.

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