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"Donald Sterling Banned for Life, Fined $2.5 Million"
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04/29/2014 2:41PM
Donald Sterling Banned for Life, Fined $2.5 Million
Are you satisfied with the action?
04/29/2014 2:58PM
this is ridiculous..he has the right to say what ever he wants to... this BLACK _hit is getting out of hand !!!!
04/29/2014 3:02PM
Changing demographics
It wasn't long ago that Marge Schott had her defenders among the Limbaugh crowd, but you people are awfully silent these days (other than the usual lies eg "he's a Democrat"). Nice to see that evolution and natural selection is taking care of the dinosaurs.
04/29/2014 3:13PM
Tough week for tea partiers
First Cliven Bundy, now this. You people are having trouble gettin' yer racism on!
04/29/2014 5:32PM
Win a prize!
The first wingnut who claims Sterling's First Amendment rights are being violated wins an autographed copy of Sarah Palin's memoirs.
04/29/2014 8:55PM
Maybe he can join Paula Deen's tour.
They'd have much to discuss.
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