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Police Video Latest: Officer Suspended, Video Almost Supressed

Buffalo, NY (WBEN/AP) - After Buffalo Police were seen on cell phone video kicking and beating a handcuffed suspect officers reportedly tried to supress the video, which since has gone nationwide. Meanwhile, one officer has been suspended, Here's the latest.
The Buffalo Police Department has suspended an officer as it investigates brutality allegations stemming from the videotaped arrest of a suspect who was beaten while handcuffed.
Police officials say Officer John Cirulli has been suspended from duty without pay for violating departmental rules and regulations.
Officials say Cirulli has been identified as the officer who punched and kicked a 22-year-old man after he was handcuffed and lying face-down on the ground.
Cirulli was one of six officers placed on leave earlier this week. The move came after the police commissioner and Mayor Byron Brown were emailed copies of a video showing officers subduing a man and handcuffing him after a chase on the night of April 19.
The video shows an officer hitting and kicking the man after he's handcuffed.
The video of a Buffalo police officer striking an already-subdued suspect almost didn't see the light of day.

WIVB News 4 Buffalo has spoken with the person who took the video, who claims to have been told by a Buffalo Police officer to erase the video on the spot.

The officer approached the bystander, and said either delete the video, or have the phone confiscated.

Citizens have the right to record police when they're performing their duties in public.

The video was first posted on a Facebook page belonging to a group that encourages people to videotape their encounters with local police.

The video shows several officers subduing a man on a Buffalo street at night. One of the officers then slaps and kicks the man after he’s already handcuffed and prone on the sidewalk.

EARLIER COVERAGE: BPD Investigates Brutality Video

The case has garnered national attention.  Here's how it played out on MSNBC Tuesday

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