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"WBEN Extra: Race Relations."
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04/30/2014 6:32AM
WBEN Extra: Race Relations.
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04/30/2014 8:10AM
Has your program ever looked at "race relations" when a group of "Afican Americans" beat down a white man or woman? Or when a minority makes racist, inflamatory comments? I doubt it - too taboo - so instead of always focusing on these "hot button" issues and discussing "race relations" from the minorities point of view - try talking to some Americans who are caucasian that have experienced violence at the hands of minorities to get their point of view regarding "race relations" - these so called "race relations" go both ways - have a great day :)
04/30/2014 8:36AM
Which political party is actively fighting to disenfranchise minorities?
04/30/2014 8:38AM
Is it really fair that we tape racists in private or Sarah Palin in public?
04/30/2014 8:42AM
Question for Tim Wenger
Re racism. Is your beloved figurehead Limbaugh part of the problem or part of the solution? Either you can answer that question honestly or you can lie, lie, lie. We already know which choice you'll make.
04/30/2014 9:10AM
One sided opinions regarding racism.
Every time in these situations where there has been a public act of racism against blacks in some way, certain black activists rise to the occasion, and air the proverbial "We just aren't there yet as a society , and there are more Sterlings out there", oh really? How about the local and national N.A.A.C.P. address the black racists and comments made about whites, whether it happens to be a innocent white teen brutally beaten in Buffalo for having a black girlfriend years ago. The black mayor and police commisioner wouldnt even list the crime a "hate crime", even though there was clear evidence to support it.The Al Sharptons, and even SnoopDog, recently with his racist comments and cursing the "white redneck" has to be addressed as well... These people are no different than the ones they themselves are holding accountable. Pridgens comment about internet racism today didn't touch on the blacks calling whites "crackers", and other comments made against whites. Seems that the black community doesnt hold there own to the same standards they do the white community. You also have to "clean up your own act" if you want people to hear your message, and that is a "Two Way Street" everyone.
04/30/2014 4:55PM
Say what?
What happened to free speech? Where is the ACLU; they worked for (neo)nazis in the 70s.
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