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Kennedy Wants Change in Pothole Law

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Wednesday is the last day New York State is shielded from accountability for pothole damage on vehicles.

Under current law, the state is exempted from liability for vehicle damages caused by potholes on state roads from November 15 to April 30. That means starting Thursday, if your vehicle is damaged on a state road, you will have the opportunity to have the repairs covered by the state.

However, State Senator Tim Kennedy is not satisfied with the current law.

"The taxpayers are already paying to make sure that the roads and the bridges throughout New York state are kept up to a level that they should be kept up to and that we deserve as taxpayers," Kennedy said. "New York state, due to a law that was passed back in 1936, exempts itself from liability from November 15th until April 30th."

Kennedy says that isn't enough, so he is now pushing legislation that would make the state liable for pothole damage year-round.

Kennedy says his proposed legislation would provide drivers with fundamental protections from massive potholes, dislodged concrete and other deplorable road conditions on state highways. Essentially, if a car is damaged by unreasonable road conditions any time throughout the year, the driver will now have the opportunity to have the repairs covered by the state.

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