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VIDEO: Jim Kelly, "Keep those prayers coming"!

Orchard Park, N.Y. (WBEN) - Jill Kelly has shared the latest from Jim Kelly on Facebook.   In a video, Kelly is asking to "keep those prayers coming".

Kelly, now back in Western New York, is undergoing cancer treatment and is going through his 19th radiation treatment and has had two chemotherapy treatments.

In posting the video, Jill says, "It was a stretch for Jim to do this...but he wanted to thank everyone.
He's half-way there! Thank you so much for praying

Here is the complete post:


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Locations : New YorkWestern New York
People : Jill KellyJim Kelly
05/02/2014 12:12PM
VIDEO: Jim Kelly, "Keep those prayers coming"!
Leave you #PrayersforJK
05/05/2014 2:19PM
every patient is different
my husband, 09...lung cancer,,,ups and down hit hard with cemo...but they (Roswell) amazed...5yrs now and walk 2 miles Jim, stay the course...we are pulling for you and your family during this trying time....
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